About Us :: Trainers
If you've been around TRAQ 3D, you probably know these phenomenal trainers. But for you and our new and prospective members, it's nice to get to know a little about who you'll be working with.

Danny Murphy - Owner

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Danny Murphy is the owner of TRAQ 3D. He earned a BS and MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida. He is a nationally certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He began his career as an athletic trainer for the Florida Gators football and basketball team. Since then, he has developed and directed many hospital-based health and wellness centers among them St. Vincent's, Ponte Vedra Health and Wellness Center, and Melbourne Hospital's Pro Health. He has also been a distributor for Cybex, Freemotion Fitness, and TechnoGym. He is proud to open the first TRAQ 3D franchise in the nation.

Danny Murphy
Rosemary Murphy - Owner

Rosemary Murphy is co-owner of TRAQ 3D with her husband Danny. She oversees marketing, development and outreach for TRAQ 3D. She is also the summer camps coordinator for athlete development, team training, and youth camps. She is an experienced Florida certified teacher and test administrator specializing in nationally normed standardized testing for home school students. Rosemary coordinates our Fit Student Afterschool Program.

Rosemary Murphy