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Corporate Fitness

Why should you consider TRAQ 3D's New plan for Corporate Wellness? Employees who are health- minded take less sick days and are more productive on the job. They look their best and have more confidence which reflects well on your business. TRAQ 3D invites corporations to help employees shrink their "bottom" lines while growing your company's with the TRAQ 3D Corporate Challenge.

Personal Trainers will test employee's abilities and endurance with stimulating and intriguing full body simulation equipment found only at TRAQ 3D. Compete with associates to achieve the high scores within your company. Join forces with your comrades to rival neighboring corporations with your cumulative scores. Look for our up and coming "TRAQ Age". TRAQ 3D will challenge corporations to discover their ideal "TRAQ Age" based on formulas derived from TRAQ scores and measurement capabilities.

TRAQ 3D's Corporate Fitness and Weight Loss Plans make it possible to help your employees look, feel and most importantly perform at their greatest potential. TRAQ 3D offers a fun and provocative challenge for your corporation. Will you accept?

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Corporate Scholarships

TRAQ 3D is teaming up with local corporations to implement solutions for combating childhood obesity and its related diseases. The alarming rise in childhood diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, and other obesity related diseases has prompted TRAQ 3D to take action. We're asking our local businesses to help us sponsor scholarships for children at area schools. These would provide opportunities for children to workout 3 to 6 days per week on TRAQ 3D's unique equipment. As a Corporate Sponsor, you will be recognized on our Corporate Wall and are eligible to receive Corporate Challenge Benefits with TRAQ 3D. Thank you for teaming up with TRAQ 3D to help make Jacksonville one of the healthiest cities in America.

Read our full letter to corporations.

A Big Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors
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