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Speed, Strength, and Endurance Begin with Sweat at TRAQ 3D.
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Common Misconceptions:

  1. TRAQ 3D is not a video arcade.
  2. TRAQ 3D is not Nintendo Wii.
  3. TRAQ 3D is not a children's gym (we train all ages).

Then what is TRAQ 3D? TRAQ 3D stands for Training, Reaction, Agility and Quickness in 3D.

TRAQ 3D is a unique and patented full service, state of the art gym specializing in one on one personal training, athlete development, weight loss and injury recovery for adults, athletes, youth, and the active aging. Nationally Certified Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches use TRAQ 3D technology in conjunction with traditional fitness equipment and methods for the most effective personal training program available anywhere, today.

TRAQ 3D is the first and only Athlete Development Program with the capability to train and measure real life sports movements that take the athlete to the top of his or her game while measuring game specific components such as reaction time, acceleration (1st step quickness), deceleration (braking capability for directional changes) and ideal game stance (playing height). Our patented TRAQ 3D Technology measures these components in every movement direction during game-like sports simulation and drills.
If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Lord Kelvin

TRAQ 3D is the most effective and beneficial form of exercise and movement training available today because it is based around three important components: Multi Plane, Multi Joint and Unplanned Movement. Multi Plane movement refers to motion in all directions. 3 Dimensional, unrestricted movement sets TRAQ 3D apart because it most resembles everyday activity and sports. Multi Joint training is movement of joints and muscles simultaneously as in real life, core movement sequences. We avoid isolating muscle groups as in 2 dimensional and linear training on most weight stacks, tread mills, etc. Unplanned Activity requires the client to respond to cues and drills designed as game-like simulation requiring the "player" to sense, process and execute the responsive movement much like a game of tennis, basketball, or backyard tag (you name the sport). TRAQ 3D will improve your performance in day to day and sports activity.

Whether your goals are to make the NFL Draft, or simply get the edge on the court or field, TRAQ 3D will dramatically improve your ability to move and react faster and more effectively. We will measure key components of fitness to establish baselines, analyzing any movement deficits that could be improved to help you reach your goals. These measurements can be downloaded, printed or emailed to coaches, recruiters, or physical therapists for their information or use.

I highly recommend [TRAQ 3D] to anyone looking to improve fitness or sports related skills. Even [I], with knees beyond much hope, have steadily increased my strength and movement by doing the drills designed specifically to my needs and limitations. None the less I've seen an increase of the distance I can cover over the course of a timed workout, and a dramatic decrease in my waistline!
-Rich Thomann, Bolles Football Linebacker Coach and All-Star Linebacker for Notre Dame
TRAQ 3D is an innovative way of getting an amazing workout. It helps improve your footwork and conditioning on the tennis court and makes working out fun.
-Louis Ballentyne, Director of Tennis, The Florida Yacht Club
TRAQ 3D -- a workout that's FUN, MEASURABLE and the most SPORT SPECIFIC training available -- it's a dream come true for coaches! TRAQ 3D took Brit to the next level -- she was already a great athlete and lacrosse player. TRAQ 3D workouts gave her the edge she needed to succeed at the major college level.
-Kim Russell, Ohio Premier Lacrosse Coach
After only 3 months of training with Rod at TRAQ 3D, I increased my vertical leap by 6 inches. My improved athleticism and footwork has given me the opportunity to play Division 1 basketball.
-Scott, 2nd leading scorer OHSAA Basketball, Division 1 Basketball Prospect
Thanks to TRAQ workouts, I am in better shape than when I played professional football; I wish TRAQ had been around when I played.
-William White, 11 years NFL
Blending high tech entertainment with sports science and simulation not only makes exercise fun, but more effective at TRAQ 3D.
-Dr. Alan Davis, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic
TRAQ 3D is the future of athlete development.
-Barry Sanders, Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Fame NFL Running Back
I have never felt healthier or more confident with movement than after my workouts at TRAQ 3D.
-76 Year Old Client
I didn't know my kids had sweat glands until we started working out at TRAQ 3D together.
-Client with 4 children
I have lost 16 lbs. in my first 16 weeks. I am a client for life.
-Baby Boomer Client